Handcrafted inlays by

L.Jerry Hess

Inlays in Wood
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Tacoma, WA  98498
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All  of the inlays in this site are handcrafted.   Black walnut, red and white oak,  cherry, aspen,maple, purpleheart and  mahogany are used to make the inlays.  While many of the designs for the inlays have been around for a long time, many of the designs are original.  The  inlays  are approximately  1/8" thick.  The boxes and boards have a sealer coat followed by  multiple coats of polyurethane.   

The pictures in the website are meant to be examples of what I make.  Since I hardly ever make two items that are exactly alike and because one piece of wood can vary quite a bit from another of the same species,  I usually email pictures of the items or inlays I have in stock at present.  However, if you like the design in a website picture best, I can try to copy it.

Thank you for looking at my site.  I hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoy making the  sawdust. 

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Cutting Boards                   Dresser Valets                               Jewelry cases

Orcas, Penguins           Cribbage Boards, Boxes         Mountain Inlays                                    

 Bears                                     Octagonal Boxes                                   Mogul Boxes                          

 Nautical Boxes                     Treasure Boxes                                   Flip Top Boxes

Lazy Susans                         Tansu                                                            Baskets

 Pens                                             Clipboards                                                    Inlays